Measuring Wellbeing

We determine where to steer our efforts and if we’ve made a difference by measuring and reporting regularly on our wellbeing indicators and actions.

Wellbeing Waterloo Region has adopted a coordinated approach to measure and monitor community wellbeing in Waterloo Region.

Led by the Measurement and Monitoring working group, Wellbeing Waterloo Region has worked to:

  • Create a commonly agreed upon set of indicators of community wellbeing
  • Provide regular reports on the state of community wellbeing in Waterloo Region
  • Understand the status of wellbeing in Waterloo Region at the systems level
  • Understand the impact of our efforts and actions identified in the wellbeing plan
  • Create the potential to monitor over time whether community wellbeing is improving

Canadian Index of Wellbeing

The Measurement and Monitoring working group identified the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) as the overall framework for measuring wellbeing in Waterloo Region.

Based on advice from the CIW, indicators were identified to measure the complexity of wellbeing under each of the CIW’s eight domains.

Download the PDF of indicators here, or view them below:

National / Provincial Indicators
Regional Indicators

Note: There were also many indicators that were identified by the Measurement and Monitoring working group as potential data sets to use for program and service level planning, but were not used in initial measurement work. View the other potential indicators here.


To-date, Wellbeing Waterloo Region’s measurement work has led to the publication of two significant reports on community wellbeing in Waterloo Region:

  1. Profile of Wellbeing in Waterloo Region (2018)
  2. Waterloo Region Community Wellbeing Survey (2019)
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