Meet the Collaborative

WellbeingWR uses a Connected Community Approach that seeks to increase cross-sector collaboration, increase participation of community partners and residents, enhance relationships and increase opportunity to learn from one another. This is done through working groups and steering groups comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, roles, experience, and organizations.

Systems Change Champions

This group influences decisions with key organizations and groups that could help to make system level changes and decisions that support transformational change to improve community wellbeing.

Connectors Hub

This steering group provides oversight and ensures integration for the overall directions of the collective work of WellbeingWR.

First Nations, Métis, Inuit Advisory & Advocacy Circle

In collaboration with Indigenous leaders, this group implements training, education, and tools to the working groups of WWR on Indigenous culture, history, and the impacts of colonization, while providing opportunities for reflection on how to work towards reconciliation.

Communications and Engagement

This group works to engage diverse community members and collaborators to focus on strengthening individual and network connections. This group also develops strategies and implements actions to ensure that the diversity of our community is reflected in the involvement of WWR, and helps to engage and rally the community in this work.

Measurement and Data

This group provides guidance and direction on the overall measurement system, progress reporting process, and tools to ensure the accountability, transparency and engagement of our community with the data collected for WWR.

Sustainability and Funding

This group was formed in 2021 and is focused on overall sustainability of the collaborative. This includes supporting the backbone team in researching and securing ongoing funding and resources, as well as exploring innovative funding models and opportunities for collaborative grants.

Collaborators from Wellbeing WR’s working groups come from all parts of the Region with different lived experiences, and represent over 70 local organizations, including:
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