A Community Collaborative
We are a diverse and connected network working together differently to make transformational change in wellbeing.
2022 Community Wellbeing Mini-Survey
The survey is now closed, thank you for sharing your voice to create change in Waterloo Region. Stay tuned for the final report in 2023!
The Equity Lens
Watch this three-part video series with accompanying discussion guide by Kike Ojo-Thompson that focuses on challenging systemic barriers and provides a deeper understanding of social inequities.

Our CARE Model

Connect and Collaborate: our diverse community to leverage local assets, increase alignment, and advocate to overcome challenges to wellbeing collectively.

Amplify and Adapt: existing efforts to promote and focus attention where transformational change is needed in community wellbeing across the region.

Respond and Act: actively develop new solutions and actions to address community issues.

Educate and Enhance Knowledge: to learn from one another and understand system wide issues and address inequities.

WWR CARE Model Wheel

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Focus.

Wellbeing Waterloo Region has made a commitment to develop meaningful relationships and work toward reconciliation with local First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities. Part of this commitment includes developing resources and tools to support education and reflection within the community.

The Grand River in Autumn

Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan

WellbeingWR along with many other community partners and agencies have participated in the advisory of the Community Safety and Wellbeing Framework that is being led by the Region of Waterloo. The Framework identifies conditions for wellbeing and safety such as committing to anti-hate and anti-racism, truth and reconciliation, and addressing systems that limit safety and wellbeing. It also provides foundational actions to achieve these conditions. Stay tuned to the Region of Waterloo’s webpage for updates, opportunities and actions on this plan.



Our funders provide the financial and in-kind resources necessary for the operations of WellbeingWR.

The website and overall process of the initiative is supported by backbone staff that have been seconded from multiple organizations, and the backbone team is generously hosted in-kind out of the Region of Waterloo. 

We receive many in-kind supports from organizations across the Region, and our funders have included: 

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