Data Spotlight

COVID-19 has resulted in drastic changes to our communities. There is a vast amount of data related to new and developing issues as a result of the pandemic. To keep our network updated on new and emerging data sources, we have been circulating some relevant findings through our WWR newsletter. This page houses the data documents we have circulated thus far, as well as some other reports and timely resources. All documents are in PDF format.

You may visit the original data sources linked in the documents for more information on each study’s methodology and full findings. Please note that some of the recent Statistics Canada data was collected using a crowdsourcing method which means that findings cannot be applied to the overall population, however given the large number of participants in these studies, the results can offer valuable insights. 

If you have a data source that you would like us to review or include in our research, please send us an email at

Data Spotlight

Data Spotlight – December 9, 2020

Data Spotlight – November 23, 2020

Data Spotlight – November 10, 2020

Data Spotlight – October 26, 2020

Data Spotlight – October 14, 2020

Data Spotlight – September 28, 2020

Data Spotlight – September 14, 2020

Data Spotlight – September 1, 2020

Additional Resources

Impacts of COVID-19 on the Nonprofit Sector

The Loneliness Epidemic: How the Silent Loss of Social Connection has Impacted Our Communities During COVID-19

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