WR Municipal Government Contacts 2022-2026

On Monday, October 24th, Waterloo Region residents voted in the 2022 Municipal Election. This election voted for:

  • Mayor (Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge)
  • City or Township Councillors
  • Regional Chair 
  • Regional Councillors
  • School Board Trustees

The 2022-2026 term has officially begun with a mixture of new elected officials and re-elected officials. These individuals represent Waterloo Region in many ways, and have a direct impact on your day-to-day life. The services and programs they provide include:

  • Bus service and transit
  • Road services
  • Water and utilities
  • Recreation
  • Garbage pickup
  • Police, fire, and ambulance services
  • Public health
  • Social assistance and housing
  • Children’s and senior’s services

As a voter, you may want to contact them to discuss a concern, or follow their social media channels to stay up-to-date on their activities. Use this resource as a way to connect with the elected officials in your community for the 2022-2026 term.

Region of Waterloo

Website: karen-redman.com
Facebook: Karen Redman
Twitter: @Redman4Region 
Email: KRedman@regionofwaterloo.ca

Phone: 519-897-1353
Website: jimerbwaterloo.ca/about-jim/
Twitter: @JimErbWaterloo
Instagram: @jimerbwaterloo

Twitter: @ChantalHuinink
Website: chantal4regional.wixsite.com/waterloo
Email: chantal4regional@gmail.com

Website: michaeldharris.ca
Twitter: @Michaelharrispc
Phone: 519-804-9874
Email: info@mikeharrispc.ca 

Website: kariwilliams.ca 
Twitter: @takarimai
Email: kariwilliamswr@gmail.com
Phone: 226-791-2484

Website: robforcouncil.ca 
Twitter: @robdeutschmann
Phone: 519-574-4001
Contact through website: robforcouncil.ca/contact/

Website: colleen-james.ca
Email: hello@colleen-james.ca
Twitter: @_colleenjames
LinkedIn: Colleen James Med
Instagram: @councillorcolleen
Facebook: @Colleen James – Regional Councillor Region of Waterloo

LinkedIn: Doug Craig
Twitter: @DougGCraig
Email: douggcraig@icloud.com
Phone: 519-841-1904

City of Waterloo

Website: mccabe4mayor.ca
Facebook: Vote Dorothy McCabe
Instagram: @votedorothy2022
Twitter: @DorothyMcCabe
Reddit: mccabe4mayor
Email: dmccabewaterloo2022@gmail.com

Website: sandrahanmer.ca
Twitter: @sandrajhanmer
Instagram: @sandrajhanmer
LinkedIn: Sandra Hanmer
Email: sandra.hanmer@waterloo.ca

Website: hansroachwaterloo.com
Twitter: @Hans_Roach
Instagram: @hansroach
Email: roach.ward3waterloo@gmail.com

Website: dianelfreeman.wordpress.com
Twitter: @DianeLFreeman
Email: Freeman4ward4@gmail.com

Website: jenvasicwaterloo.ca
Twitter: @jenvasic
Facebook: @Jen Vasic
Email: jen@jenvasicwaterloo.ca

Website: marylouroe.ca Facebook: @marylouroe
Twitter: @Mary_Lou_Roe
Instagram: @mary_lou_roe
LinkedIn: Mary Lou Roe
Email: vote4marylou@gmail.com

Website: wrightward7.com
Instagram: @wrightward7
Twitter: @WrightWard7 Facebook: @wrightward7
Email: hello@wrightward7.com

City of Kitchener

Website: berryonline.com  Facebook: @Berry.Vrbanovic
Twitter: @berryonline
LinkedIn: Berry Vrbanovic
Email: mayor@kitchener.ca

Website:  kitchener.ca
Twitter: @Scott_Davey
LinkedIn: Scott Davey
Phone: 519-741-2784
Email through website.

Website: daveschnider.com
Instagram: @daveschniderkw
Facebook: @dave.schniderkw
Twitter: @DaveSchniderKW
Email: dave.schnider@kitchener.ca

Website: votedeneault3.ca/about
Twitter: @jasondWard3
Instagram: @jasondeneaultward3 Facebook: @JasonDenault
Email: jasondeneault1@gmail.com

Website: hward4michaud.ca
Facebook: @Ward4Michaud
Twitter: @Ward4Michaud
Email: Christine.michaud@kitchener.ca

Website: voteforayo.ca
Email: ayo@ayoowo.com
Phone: 226-336-9525

Website: votepaulsingh.com
Phone: 519-721-3272
Twitter: @PaulSinghWard6
Email: paulsinghward6@gmail.com
Phone: 519-741-2793

Website: Info Page
LinkedIn: Bil Ioannidis BA
Twitter: @bilioannidis
Email: Contact through website
Phone: 519-741-2783

Website: margaretjohnston.ca
Facebook: @MargaretJohnstonKitchener
Twitter: @margjohn
LinkedIn: Margaret Johnston
Email: Contact through website
Phone: 519-741-2345

Website: debbiechapman.ca
Phone: 226-476-3319
Email: debbiechapman@execulink.com
Twitter: @debchapman2022
Facebook: @debbie.chapman.ward9
Instagram: @debbiechapmanelection2022

Website: voteclancy.ca
Twitter: @voteclancy 
Facebook: @voteclancyward10
Email: voteclancyward10@gmail.com

City of Cambridge

Website: votedonnareid.ca Email: donnareid@rogers.com
LinkedIn: Donna Reid

Facebook: @mikedevineward2
Phone: 519-740-4517
Email: Devinem@cambridge.ca

Website: coreykimpson.ca
Phone: 519-223-3751
Facebook: @CoreyKimpsonWard3
Email: hello@coreykimpson.ca

Website: rossearnshaw.ca
Facebook: @Ross-Earnshaw
Instagram: @ross_earnshaw

Website: sroberts.ca
Facebook: @OurWard5Cambridge
LinkedIn: Sheri Roberts
Email: sheri@sroberts.ca

Website: adamcooper.ca
Email: info@adamcooper.ca
Facebook: @AdamCooperWard6

Website: scotthamiltoncambridge.ca
Email: scott@scotthamiltoncambridge.ca
Facebook: @HamiltonCbridge

Website: electnicholasermeta.yolasite.com
Email: Nicholas_Ermeta_4_Cambridge@yahoo.ca
Phone: 519-716-1690
Twitter: @NicholasErmeta

Township of Woolwich

Website: sandyformayor.ca
Email: info@sandyformayor.ca
Phone: 519-669-8981

Website: evan4elmira.ca
LinkedIn: Evan Burgess
Phone: 226-751-6462
Email: Evan4Elmira@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Nathan Cadeau
Email: ncadeau@gmail.com
Twitter: @NateCadeau

Website: bonniebryantwoolwich.wordpress.com
Twitter: @bryantmaryhill
Facebook: @bonnie.bryant
Email: bonniebryant@outlook.com
Phone: 519-648-3608

Website: votekaylagrant.com
Twitter: @kaylagrant
LinkedIn: Kayla M. Grant
Email: GrantForWard3@gmail.com

Township of Wilmot

Website: natashasalonen4wilmot.com
Facebook: @NatashaSolonen
Email: natasha4wilmot@outlook.com
Phone: 519-635-7275

Website: stewart4wilmot.ca
Email: stewart4wilmot@gmail.com
Phone: 519-696-3119 or 519-572-8214

Website: kris4wilmot.com
Facebook: @Kris4Wilmot
Email: Kris4wilmot@gmail.com

Website: harv4council.ca
Email: Harv4council@gmail.com
Facebook: @harv4council

Website: lilliannedunstall4wilmot.ca
Email: lillianne4wilmot@gmail.com
Phone: 519-500-6087
Twitter: @LilDunstall
Facebook: Access Here

Website: stevenmartinwilmot.ca
Phone: 519-501-5471
Email: mail@stevenmartin.ca

Township of North Dumfries

LinkedIn: Sue Foxton
Phone: 519-575-4404 ex. 3407
Email: sfoxton@northdumfries.ca

Email: rod@schooltee.com
Website: rodneyrolleman.ca
Twitter: @rodrolleman
Facebook: @rod.rolleman
Instagram: @rodrolleman

Email: derricko@rogers.com

Email: wilmsalida79@gmail.com

No information available.

Township of Wellesley

Email: Contact Here
Phone: 519-504-1834

Email: shelleywagner7@hotmail.com
Phone: 519-699-5814

No available information

No information available.

Email: claudehergott@gmail.com
Phone: 519-897-0080

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