Sunsetting the Initiative

After many years of connecting, visioning, and taking action to improve the wellbeing of residents in Waterloo Region, Wellbeing WR, as a collaborative, is sunsetting and is exploring opportunities to transfer its current programs into partnering local organizations as of March 31, 2023.
We are deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed to the work of Wellbeing WR over the years and for believing in a community where everyone thrives, and no one is left behind. Through the many stages of this initiative, meaningful connection has always been at the core of this work. As the collaborative concludes, we are confident that the relationships and vision of Wellbeing WR will continue to live on in the community to impact wellbeing in transformational ways.

First Nations, Métis & Inuit Advisory & Advocacy Circle

The First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Advisory and Advocacy Circle has been a grounding source of Wellbeing WR’s work over the years and has implemented many trainings, knowledge, and tools to support our work towards reconciliation. This group has received funding from the Region of Waterloo’s Upstream Fund, which will help to move them forward in a sustainable way. The Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC) Waterloo-Wellington office is also providing additional support.

Psycho-Social & Spiritual Supports Working Group

The Psychosocial and Spiritual Supports Working Group (PSSWG), which started as a pandemic response group, has evolved into a 20+ agency, community member, and government community of practice that works together across sectors to support the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of Waterloo Region.

With the sunsetting of Wellbeing WR, PSSWG is working towards building consensus on its next iteration with recognition for today’s most pressing needs and opportunities, including redefining collective community work with a spiritual and ecological lens. We welcome any and all individuals, groups or organizations to join our community of practice. For more information, please contact Anjali Misra at

Community Wellbeing Survey Work

The 2022 Waterloo Region Wellbeing Mini-Survey is now closed and the data has been shared with the survey funders. This initiative involved 30+ partners across the community to provide a unique snapshot of residents wellbeing after three years into COVID-19. The survey steering and advisory groups will be meeting later this month to discuss next steps for future data analysis and for sharing the findings with the public. The contact for the survey moving forward is Rosslyn Bentley,

Current Resources

Wellbeing WR has created many valuable resources that have provided impactful learning opportunities for the community. The Wellbeing WR website will remain live until there is a new permanent home for the resources.

Our social media channels will be closing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). Resources and our YouTube videos will continue to be accessible on our website.

Community Safety & Wellbeing 

Join the Region of Waterloo Community Safety and Wellbeing Newsletter
Stay informed about new programs, community events, and other initiatives relating to Community Safety and Wellbeing in Waterloo Region. This includes information about the transformational Upstream Fund that is providing direct funding to grassroots community initiatives. Share your own news and catch up on what others are doing to promote Truth and Reconciliation and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our community,
Applications Open for 2023 Upstream Community Change Committee
The Region of Waterloo Upstream Fund will be launching again this spring, and they need community members to decide how to fund the community. Join a committee of people dedicated to improving the wellbeing of everyone by helping to distribute funding to grassroots community initiatives that are helping to reduce harm in our community.

Thank you to everyone who attended our final celebration event on March 20th! It was great to connect and celebrate the many accomplishments of this network. We are excited to reveal the live graphic recording from this event created by Annalee from Fuselight Creative. 

This graphic illustrates the Story of Wellbeing WR to remember the amazing people and work of this collaborative initiative. Download a high-quality version of this graphic here to keep as a souvenir of Wellbeing WR. 

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