Waterloo Region 2022 Municipal Election

The 2022 Municipal Election is coming up on Monday, October 24th and Waterloo Region needs your vote! This election is voting for:

  • Mayor
  • City or Township Councillors
  • Regional Chair 
  • Regional Councillors
  • School Board Trustees

Your voting options will depend on where you live. Every city and township is divided into wards in which a councillor will represent, plus the Regional Council which is spread across the entire Waterloo Region. 

Step 2b: Find your Regional Chair and Councillor Candidates

This applies to all residents in Waterloo Region (all cities and townships)

The School Board Trustees are divided by areas, and represent each different school board. The school boards in Waterloo Region include: Waterloo Region District School Board, Waterloo Region Catholic District School Board, and the French School Boards.

Step 3: Find your School Board Trustee Candidates

Waterloo Region District School Board Candidates:

Waterloo Region Catholic District School Board Candidates:

Municipal elections have the biggest impact on your day-to-day life, as these elected officials have the most influence on local issues and projects. It is important that municipal councils and school boards have representation that reflect the diversity of these communities. It is also important to vote in candidates who share your values and concerns, and ultimately have the same community vision as you do. Wellbeing WR’s vision is a community where everyone thrives and no one is left behind. If you also share this same vision, we recommend looking into how the various candidates view topics such as: housing, Indigenous sovereignty, social services, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, crime and safety, and overall social development. 

Now that you know your choices of candidates, we recommend looking into these resources to find your candidates and learn about their focus areas, how they view certain topics, and their overall values and beliefs. 

Step 4: Read about Candidate’s Values and Focus Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

An administrative division and electoral district of a city or borough that is represented by an elected councillor. There are 7 wards in the City of Waterloo, 10 wards in the City of Kitchener, 8 wards in the City of Cambridge, 3 wards in the Township of Woolwich, 4 wards in the Township of Wellesley, 4 wards in the Township of Wilmot and 4 wards in the Township of North Dumfries.

Acts as a representative of the municipality (within the specified ward) both within and outside the municipality, develops and evaluates the policies and programs of the municipality, and represents the public by considering the wellbeing and interests of the community.

The Mayor is sometimes referred to as the Chief Executive Officer of the municipality they have been elected into. They oversee the councils and overall municipality they are representing. Sometimes they act as the point person during major civic emergencies, and can help promote their cities to attract workers and tourists.

A Regional Chair introduces motions and voting on items during all committee meetings. They preside over council meetings so that they run efficiently and effectively, and also represent the Region at official functions.

A School Board Trustee becomes an elected member of the School Board and acts as a community advocate for public education. They work under the Education Act while focusing on student achievement, wellbeing and equity. There is a School Board Trustee for each assigned area within the Region of Waterloo (often combining 2 townships/cities) that make a team of Trustees who sit on the School Board they are on.

Step 5: Vote!

Get out and vote until Monday, October 24th. Find your voting location and times:

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