Resources for Coping with Anxiety or Stress

This page contains resources that may be helpful if you are experiencing anxiety or stress, or if you need a general check-in.

To find information and community services, visit Wellbeing Waterloo Region’s COVID-19 Community Services page.

If you are in crisis or unsure of what service you may need, please call Here24/7 at 1-844-437-3247 (HERE247)

Mental Health Resources in Waterloo Region during COVID-19 (PDF)

The above document is a quick reference to some of the most widely used mental health supports in Waterloo Region during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Friendly Voice Program

The Friendly Voice is a phone-based general wellbeing check-in to enhance social connections and reduce loneliness in our community. The Friendly Voice program is staffed by trained volunteers with knowledge of local programs and services.

To register for the Friendly Voice program, please call 519-743-6333 and ask reception how to get started! Reception hours are 8:30am-6pm, but Friendly Voice hours may vary.

Individual counselling: Video or telephone support

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased anxiety that some may be feeling, the Counselling Collaborative of Waterloo Region is offering remote counselling options. The phone or video based sessions are best for those with mild to moderate anxiety and stress levels. To book your session, please call 519.743.6333, and press 2 to reach intake.

While there is a fee for counselling, the Collaborative is working to secure a variety of forms of funding to help out with these costs.  When setting the rate, we take your income into consideration and apply any available funding sources.  Some programs may be subsidized or fully funded based on the type of services. Counselling may also be reimbursed by insurance or covered under workplace wellness services depending on your employer.  Please reach out because we are all in this together and mental health is health.

Managing stresses of dealing with COVID-19: HERE4HELP

Here4Help is a new online repository of useful tools and techniques to manage the stresses of dealing with COVID-19. In a world with information overload, there Here4Help site is a library of curated, best practice based resources that are refreshed regularly. This website is a complementary support to the direct service that is offered by Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington and their community partners.

Managing stresses of dealing with COVID-19: Carizon for the Community

Carizon for the Community contains useful tips, activities, and videos for your health and wellbeing; practical ideas, articles, videos, and tips for caregivers and parents, and; fun and educational videos and activities for kids and youth.

´╗┐Grief, Dying and Death During a Pandemic

Are you experiencing sadness or grief during these stressful times of COVID-19? Is someone you care about dying, or has someone recently died? Are you looking for emotional or spiritual support as you grieve? Grief, Dying, and Death During a Pandemic. answers to commonly asked questions in three parts:

  1. When we feel grief
  2. When someone you care about is dying
  3. After someone you care about has died

Supports for Older Adults

Wellbeing Waterloo Region’s Supports for Older Adults During COVID-19 page lists many municipal and community organizations have created or adapted programs and supports for older adults during COVID-19.

Supports for People Residing in Shared Living Environments

The following document offers mental health, psychosocial and spiritual supports and resources that might be particularly useful for people who are looking for ways to cope with stress and anxiety while social distancing and residing in shared living environments. View the document here.

Calendar of Virtual Events

Explore Wellbeing Waterloo’s calendar of virtual events.

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