Creative Day for Social Good

In October 2021, we had the opportunity to be part of Creative Day for Social Good (CD4SG) hosted by Capacity Canada. This event brings together teams of art directors, writers, account managers, and other creative professionals who donate their time to guide talented graphic design and public relations students from Conestoga College. 

We were lucky enough to work with an amazing creative team with professionals from HIM&HER Incorporated who are a multidisciplinary studio that do web design, graphic design, marketing and software development in Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding areas. They mentored and worked with the students from Conestoga College for support and guidance.

From the help of this team, we received a new logo, brand guideline, website template recommendation, and more. We are so happy to release this material and embrace the new look for WellbeingWR. 

If you’d like to watch the live presentation of Reveal Day, you can watch the recording below. We were 1 or 10 organizations participating, so to skip ahead to see WellbeingWR’s reveal go to 1:19:50.


The inspiration behind the logo comes from connecting the community. The logo represents this by the coloured lines coming together to create the final product which in this case, is the ‘W’ to represent Wellbeing Waterloo Region. It is energetic, clean, and strong. The coloured sections overlapping and “creating” new colours brings a sense of togetherness, alignment and collaboration – all important values for Wellbeing Waterloo Region. In the middle of the ‘W’, the different sections come together to make a pin point shape, as it would be presented on an online map. This symbolizes Wellbeing Waterloo Region being the point which it connects people to other parts of the community.

To see more about the logo and branding, see the brand guideline.


This was website template was recommended by the CD4SG team, and created by WellbeingWR’s backbone team with the help and guidance of the Communications and Engagement Working Group. As it is a work-in-progress, please feel free to reach out to us if you have something you’d like to suggest or change.

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