Cultural Competence Self-Assessment Checklist


This self-assessment tool is designed to explore individual cultural competence. Its purpose is to help you to consider your skills, knowledge, and awareness of yourself in your interactions with others. Its goal is to assist you to recognize what you can do to become more effective in working and living in a diverse environment.


What do you think of these questions? Did you check off more, less, or about as many as you thought you would?


  • Complete the checklist.
  • Choose one item that you would like to improve on, and set a goal for yourself!
300 300 Wellbeing WR
1 Comment
  • It is always humbling to be reminded that there is always more to learn. I completed the IAT tests earlier in the 30 day challenge only to find myself biased slightly towards straight people and yet I would have considered myself truly supportive of gay people if not slightly biased towards them – my reactions in testing showed this isn’t true. My attitude to race appeared more neutral but I wonder if that was because the test was American – how truly neutral am I?

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