How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise


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How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise.


How did mindfulness help keep staff from disengaging due to their discomfort? 


  • Choose one way you can practice mindfulness during uncomfortable conversations
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  • The practice of mindfulness helps to build capacity to be with discomfort as it arises. Shutting down is a very natural, protective reaction to discomfort. It is rarely a particularly skilful reaction. With practice, we can learn to respond rather than react. With practice, responding in skilful ways to discomfort becomes more a part of the way we are in the world.That happens as we build “mindfulness muscles” and incorporate these developing skills into our daily interactions. In turn as we show up responding – rather than reacting to conditions – we support others practicing showing up with their developing skills of mindfulness too. While mindfulness has its origins in Buddhist teachings – it is a universal practice…just like pizza may be Italian – it can be enjoyed by everyone. If you wish to begin or further develop the skills of mindfulness I invite you to check out this not for profit centre in Uptown Waterloo called Waterloo Riverview Dharma Centre 😉

  • I work in a very diverse workplace, at a university where we have men and women of many religions and ethnicity. I am blessed to have learned much from some of the students as well as some faculty and staff members also. For me one of the biggest challenges is to get out of my comfort zone and stop seeing practices which are different from mine as being out of the norm. The use of language which can make assumptions can be very divisive

  • I also work in an environment where I could easily fall into stereotyping. I am constantly putting mindfulness to work in order to remain patient and fair. I’m working on my empathy.

  • ‘Striving to accept each person’s perception as their truth’ is a great take away for me to think about and to practice. Trying to do this without judgement is a workout. After my eyes were opened to Nonviolent Communication- I realized that there is so much judgement in what words I use and in everyday language- even though I think I’m not judgmental.

  • I also liked the statement “striving to accept each person’s perception as their truth.” It’s very easy to be dimissive when someone says something that doesn’t align with how you think. I am now trying my best to think, “there must be a very good reason why they feel that way.” And if it’s relevant to the situation, I try to think what that reason might be, in case changing it can make things better for them.

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