Why We Need to Talk About White Feminism



Do you believe in gender equality and/or identify with the feminist ethics of care? What are the differences between White Feminism and Intersectional Feminism? How do women struggle differently, based on their various identity markers?


  • Put an intersectional lens on your feminism and/or anti-oppression practice.
  • The next time you are talking about gender, be specific – which women/men are you talking about? Is anyone missing from the conversation?
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  • Good talk, recognizing there are more voices to feminism is important. Recognize there are diverse groups in our society is important. Again, as an Asian Canadian, I felt Asian is greatly under-represented in most of the discussions. Considering the asian population in Canada (17.7%!), I am shocked to see so few Asian representation in the media. Out of the 20+ videos that I watched, I don’t think I see asian being featured in any of them!

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