Resources for Learning About anti-Black Racism

In recent weeks, issues of racism against Black communities in the United States, Canada, and across the world have been brought to the forefront in new ways by the Black Lives Matter movement. To prompt discussions about power, privilege, and how we can actively work towards dismantling systemic racism, we have put together a list of some learning materials. Below are videos, articles, and reading lists that can be used for independent learning or to stimulate discussion with others.

Most of these sources are Canadian but there are some American sources as well. Is there a resource you would like us to include? Send an email to

Anti-racism resources

This document is intended to serve as a resource to white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work. The list includes short videos, documentaries, journals, books, children’s stories, and more.

Challenging Systemic Barriers: The Equity Lens

A video series with Kike Ojo-Thompson, who explores deeper understandings of social inequities, and provides some common language we can use to work toward equity for the communities we belong to and serve. Discussion guides are included for group or individual reflection.

4 Big Questions Panel: How Schools Should Respond to the Murder of George Floyd and Police Violence?

The 4 Big Questions on Racial Justice in Education group discusses the murder of George Floyd, the subsequent protests, and schools’ responses in Canada and the U.S. The panelists focus mainly on education systems in Ontario.

Race, Racism, and Equity: Making Black Lives Matter in the Workplace

An excellent resource on equity-based strategies to help you get started on making Black lives matter in the workplace and creating a culture of equity.

How to Talk to Kids About Racism

An article from Parenting Now that explains how to open up discussions with children and youth about racism in their own communities and around the world. Includes a list of readings and activities for different age groups.

Why you should stop saying “all lives matter” explained 9 different ways

An article by Vox that lists 9 different responses “all lives matter” that explain why it is harmful and distracting from the real issue of anti-Black racism.

Black History in Canada- A Select Timeline

A video of just a few key events in the timeline of Black history in Canada.

Being Black in Canada

A series by CBC which originally aired in celebration of Black history month in 2015. There are multiple episodes, but the link is to the first episode. 

The Skin We’re In: Pulling Back the Curtain on Canadian Racism

A fantastic short documentary that follows author and activist Desmond Cole through his research for his book The Skin We’re In.

Anti-Black Racism Reading List from the University of Toronto

A reading list curated by the University of Toronto on anti-Black racism. Many of these works focus on anti-Black racism in Canada specifically.

Two Canadas: My Story of Generosity and Systemic Racism

Hon. Ahmed Hussen entered Canada a child refugee, and today is Minister of Immigration and Refugees.  He shares his experience of Canada: a country of immense generosity, but also one that struggles with systemic racism, and paints a bold picture of how a country can become truly great. 

White Anti-Racism: Living Legacy

Community activists share their thoughts how to be white and also anti-racist in a Q-and-A format. Their comments shine light on the concepts of comfort, power, privilege and identity.

Five charts that show what systemic racism looks like in Canada

Clear graphics illustrating data from the 2016 census show the disparate outcomes of systemic racism in income, unemployment rates, educational aspirations, and hate crimes.

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