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Finding Hope Text

This sample text can be used by itself as a conversation starter, or paired with an image or video on social media.

The more hope we can find, the more hope we give, the more hope we get.

Hope is a seed for the future that we cultivate in the present. What seeds are you planting?

Hope is a reflection of the kindness, care, and resiliency that our very humanity is built on.

Nothing is permanent.
Not even darkness.
But it’s the darkness that gives you a reason to love the light.

Small acts of kindness can spark a sense of hope and connection that spreads quickly. How do you spark hope?

The more we practise training our minds to find the hope in situations, the more hope it will find by default over time.

Hope can be so many different things: gratitude, joy, laughter, peace, connection. What is hope for you?

Hope acknowledges the obstacles and pitfalls in front of us, but is unwavering in its resolve, unbreakable in its foundation, and stronger than we can comprehend.


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