Words Matter- Guidelines on Using Inclusive Language in the Workplace


This guide sets out some key guiding principles and suggestions to support using inclusive language. This guide does not set out to be comprehensive or definitive because language is constantly evolving. Rather, the intention of these guidelines is to provide supervisors and employees with supports to promote a greater sense of inclusion and engagement in the workplace. You can build from these guidelines by remaining curious, seeking out information from diverse, thoughtful authors, and asking appropriate questions about what language might mean to others and inquiring into others’ experiences, needs and concerns.

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Were there any terms or best practices in this glossary that you’d never heard of before, or that you’d like to start using more often?


  • Take ownership over your vocabulary.
  • Ask others how they would like to be addressed.
  • Be mindful when referring to marginalized groups.
  • When you make a mistake, be accountable.
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