Disability Bias



Was there anything in this video that surprised or inspired you?


  • Identify one small thing you can do to help combat common stereotypes about disability in your community, like using person-first language.
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  • I keep trying to find better ways of describing people who don’t conform to societal norms of physical or mental appearance and then I just come back to “people” its really that simple.

  • This is the best video that I’ve seen so far from the 30 day challenge! I admire the courage, the strength and the passion by people who experiencing disabilities yet shine through their disabilities.What I also admire, is a society and a system that encourages and allows people with disabilities to pursuit their passions, fulfill their strengths. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the people with disabilities and provide space and accommodation for them to shine and live is recognizing the basic human rights.

    I am originally from a developing country, and I am very proud of the economic achievements by my home country over these years. However, I believe development is accomplished not just by economic growth, it is also about the opportunities for all people, especially the weak and marginalized to grow as well. If one day the disabled my country, or any marginalized groups are not being marginalized and excluded from the main streams, and if a day they are also featured on the mainstream media and have access to equal and accommodated opportunities to healthcare, education and entertainment, that is the real development.

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