The Indian Act Said What?


The Indian Act was created to control and assimilate Indigenous Peoples and their communities. Throughout history, a number of shocking and discriminatory measures have been in place. 


Was there anything on the timeline that surprised you?


  • Take the time to learn about the Indian Act.
  • Think about how it may still impact Indigenous peoples today.
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  • The Indian Act is still restricting negotiation and growth about definitions and who owns what, arguments of the gender economic and political boundaries that shore up privilege. We need to explode these boundaries but unfortunately we have a whole lot of baggage from the past too that means there will never be a clean slate, we must work through reconciliation and this work needs to be meaningful and authentic

  • How it **may still** impact??? it’s still in place! This section should be called “The Indian Acts SAYS what??”
    it still governs who is and isn’t an “Indian” via a ridiculously complex set of WHITE colonial imposed rules! the act that was designed to strip culture and rights and assimilate entire First Nations is now being used to judge legitimacy of someone’s identity. The Indian Act isn’t “history” – it’s a present-day colonial tool.

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