Don’t Put People in Boxes



How do we typically put people in boxes in our society? In what ways are we connected, and in what ways are we different? Are there certain things we all have in common?


  • Use a version of this activity as an icebreaker at your next team meeting to explore your commonalities as a group.
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  • As ever we do not know what lies behind the obvious “front”

  • I love how powerful this is. During my undergraduate degree, I was lucky enough to take part in a course that was 10 undergrad students and 10 inmates. We traveled to the prison for class once a week, and we all wrote our own memoirs. We discussed readings and provided kind, detailed edits for each other. During our graduation ceremony, we walked up the podium in a similar manner to this. Taking steps if we had experienced/liked/felt something or not, . It was an amazing visual to see how much all twenty of us had in common. The audience members couldn’t tell who was a student or an inmate. We were all just people. It was a very moving experience!

  • Good video! We often play this game in orientation. It has another version that people standing in a circle, and one person say a statement “step forward if you…(travelled to Asia before)”. The other person who has done the same will step forward and you will find you shared similarities with the other.

    It is good to be reminded of that despite our very different experiences, we also have a lot of similarities that connect us as human being!

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